Lessons Learned From 2010 AYF Youth Football Coach of the Year

Gaining From the Best

Something that I attempt to do is gain from other effective mentors, there is no disgrace in replicating the best and that goes for me. At the point when I went to the AYF and Pop Warner National Championships in December I had the opportunity to meet Joe Cianflone, the lead trainer of the Mint Hill Chargers eighth Grade group. Joe was additionally named as Offensive Coordinator of the East All-Stars in the Under Armor All-Star game in St Petersburg Florida. AYF President Joe Galat named Joe Cianflone as its “2010 Coach of the Year.”

I’ve had the delight of becoming acquainted with Joe by means of email in the course of the most recent year however at long last found the opportunity to invest some up close and personal energy with him in December. We likewise got an opportunity to see his group practice and play two games. I got the opportunnity to impart two dinners to he and his instructing staff as they arranged to play their National Championship game. You will hear a little about Joe and all the more significantly his opinion on the game and what mentors can improve.

Joe is initially from Brooklyn he actually conveys a smidgen of the complement, which is incredible. He is a fun, rational and active mentor with an abundance of involvement gathered from 33 years of training. He has lived and instructed in Florida, North Carolina and obviously New York. He has trained at both the young and the High School level. His achievements incorporate 11 State Titles, Multiple District Championships and 5 National Championship games, of which his group won multiple times. He has succeeded at each stop. He created 22 players that proceeded to play DI College football.

His best instructing recollections shockingly didn’t come from the title seasons, yet rather in games or seasons where his groups defeated groups with far prevalent size, speed and ability like his JV High School group in Lake Mary Florida that went 8-0 and did it with a 5 ‘2″ Quarterback that couldn’t toss and a 135 lb beginning Defensive End. He likewise referenced his 1989 15-16 year old group from Brooklyn that beat a group with 5 DI players on it by the score of 28-0.

Joe’s childhood group is from Mint Hill, in the Charlotte, North Carolina territory. Mint Hill rampaged through the AYF National Tournament’s eighth Grade Unlimited Division, dominating every one of the 3 games by 5-7 scores. Joe likes playing in AYF because of the chance for the genuine huge children to play in the limitless division and the opportunity it permits them to plan extra games.

The Offense

On offense Joe likes to force the spread to leave the firearm, with the base arrangement being a 2×2. He feels this plan is a solid match for his children, in addition to Joe knows the offense. He has been a spread mentor for more than 20 years, he was spread when spread wasn’t cool. It’s an offense he knows and it’s an offense his colleagues know and have confidence in. This year they were about 65% run, 35% pass, in years past they have been 55% run, 45% pass, the proportion truly relies upon the ability which changes each year. Their running match-up comprises of Power, Counter, Trap, G, Outside Zone and Inside Zone plays. ยูฟ่าเบทเล่นฟรี In the games I watched face to face, the runs were basically Power and Counter. He possibly runs zone when he has a back that can run zone, which he doesn’t have each year.

His passing game is straightforward, it comprises of Bubble, Rocket/Tunnel Screen, Smoke Screen, Slant/Arrow, Go/Hitch, Waggle, Mesh, Slant/Wheel, Stick and a Three Verticles ideas. For pass security he utilizes both full slide and a local pass star, dividing them at about into two halves. His line parts are 2 feet now and again his handles may flex to 3 feet.

He feels that building a sacrificial group science is the main justification his groups predictable achievement, he can get his children to become tied up with a group first methodology just as Joe’s training style. This emphasis in group is followed intently by training a serious degree of basics that gives horrendous consideration to the littlest of subtleties. He feels his instructing staff works effectively of having the option to see where a child can find a way into their plan to help the group. Joe and his mentors work really hard of instructing a player to his actual potential, not simply to a level where they can have achievement and win. They likewise improve work than they are aware of instructing players to be “football keen”, Joes kids realize more than numerous High School mentors I’ve met.


I saw Joe’s groups invest a lot of energy on getting their hostile linemens initial 2 stages down rapidly and at the right points with legitimate cushion level. While his children weren’t just about as large as a few of the groups they played, they never got beat off the ball. Joe’s children tackle well overall and he ascribes this to their focusing on an extremely fundamental healing handling movement circuit practically consistently by and by. His Assistant Head Coach Mike Fairfax is a legend in AYF and was named as Head Coach of the Under Armor East All-Stars. Collaborator mentors Paul Suznevich, Mitch Kanella and Brian Fairfax balance a staff that function admirably together. His East All-Stars extinguished Deion Sanders West All-Stars on TV 38-16.

On offense the circumstance on their screen plays is quite astounding, with their linemen delivering to the playside without contacting the guarded linemen. He gets a kick out of the chance to get going with a four play content to perceive how the guard will respond, at that point he settles on his play decisions from that point. He utilizes some essential checks and has a fundamental content to browse dependent on the front he sees. His groups do a ton of arrangement dependent on exploring, yet additionally on essential fronts. As Joe clarifies it, in the competitions commonly a group will astound you and turn out in something they haven’t appeared previously. He jumps at the chance to ensure his children practice against an assortment of fronts so it diminishes the fervor factor with regards to the defining moments. You could see that in their games, his children were cool under tension in any event, when following right off the bat in game two.

Different things that appeared to make my grinning convivial companion grimace was the absence of good basics, even at the title level and top pick group level players. He conceded he saw some extraordinary physicality in numerous major parts in the competition and elite player game, yet he felt a considerable lot of them were making due with ability alone and needed numerous essential thing abilities. He is a major devotee of the little playbook, even as a spread mentor. He was extremely bewildered by the way that the greater part of the games we observed together the safeguards remained in a similar front the whole game. He didn’t care for the absence of trap plays and pulling in the games we observed together, he is a fanatic for execution. Mentor additionally asserts he has never planned a solitary football play, what he realized he guarantees he “took” from others.

Game Time

Our companion is the quintessential game organizer and film watcher. He and his training staff invest a great deal of energy looking into film and concocting tweaked strategies and play records for each group they play. Mint Hill values having a ruling safeguard and first class unique groups, they dominated in each feature of the game, from profound directional opening shots to securely handling punts. Joe’s style with the children was firm, reasonable and empowering. Joe is one of those folks who simply needs to give a child one of “those looks” to turn a circumstance around. He asks his players a LOT of inquiries, his method of getting the children to see where perhaps they made a mistake. I didn’t perceive any hollering, yet I saw a ton of training and force from the instructing staff. The Mint Hill rehearses were speedy and VERY productive, with no squandered development except for nobody appeared to be hurried. His group was focused however the children were connecting with his training staff to share data to amplify the group’s work.

You will not track down a more educated, giving and humble individual in the training scene than Coach Joe. I felt sort of senseless having him participate in my mentors center in Orlando, what do you show somebody with that degree of information and achievement? What a gift it was to will invest such a lot of energy with him in Florida alongside the resulting follow up calls and messages. He even persuaded me to run the Bubble like his children do it, so like Joe I will be a “borrower” and utilize his adaptation with my children next season.

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