Understand the Relationship Between Man and Football

So the other day, I watching my beloved Chicago Bears and my wife of 8 years asked me again, “Why do you get so worked up about football?” And after eight years of marriage, I think I finally figured it out –

1. There are only 16 weeks of regular-season football. EVERY GAME COUNTS! Unlike baseball, basketball, hockey, etc. where there are games at least every other day. It’s like playing in the playoffs from the start of the season!

2. This is sort of tied to number one, but it makes sense. I have to wait all week to watch my Bears play. That’s all they talk about on sport’s radio is “next week’s game”. It’s hard to wait all week and then not be passionate about your team!

3. A man cannot control the outcome of the game and that drives us nuts! It really does. I will yell at the TV as though I’m talking to the team. “Watch the blitz!” or “Tackle him at the ankles!” We have no control and it is a very helpless feeling! เว็บพนันบอล

4. We’re just fanatics. There’s no other way around. We love the hitting, the competition, the excitement, etc. I think it’s just our nature. While my wife, bless her heart, is really getting into football, she still has a hard time relating to what it is that I feel.

I’m not saying that it’s OK for men to get all crazy when the game’s on, but it’s just our nature. I wish I didn’t care so much, but I do and I’m passionate about it. It’s a shame though because I don’t get anything out of the Bears winning or losing!

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