Backyard Soccer Drill – Penalty Kick Game

An inquiry that a significant number of my child’s folks ask me is “How would i be able to deal with work with my kid all alone?” Parents don’t generally have the opportunity to bring their children down to the soccer field and are regularly searching for things they can do in the terrace with their players.

My young men and I concocted a game one evening subsequent to watching the World Cup that actually is a major top choice of theirs. Children like to shoot and score, and this game is tied in with shooting and scoring.

They simply call it “Extra shots.” What we do is laid out up two objectives on one or the other side of the back yard.

You’ll need the objectives far enough separated with the goal that you can go the ball through the cones around 3 out of multiple times. You can utilize cones or small objectives. In any case, the objectives ought to be around 4-5 feet across. สอนแทงบอล สูง ต่ํา

Your youngster can shoot nearer to their objective than you to yours so they can insight about the

same achievement rate (3 out of 4 in the net). Alternate exchanging “extra shots” without any goalies. Take a sum of 5 each. Whoever has more successes!

In case you are tied after 5 shots, go to “Abrupt Death.” Alternate shots until one makes it and the other doesn’t. On the off chance that you get the shooting distance right for both you and your kid, you can make a serious and energizing smaller than normal game climate.

Make certain to rehearse this drills with the two feet. In the event that you can begin your children out early making efforts with their right and left feet, they will thank you for it sometime down the road!

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